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Back to School Morning Rituals

Back to School Morning Rituals


Yes, I’m already mentally preparing to go back to school. Being that this year will be my senior year in college, I’ve picked up some morning habits that have made my mornings way less stressful! Check out my back to school morning rituals below and let me know in the comment section what you think!


Morning Rituals


Let some light in!

After my alarm goes off, the first thing I do when I wake up is open my curtains to let some light in! Soaking up some natural light helps you start off your morning with a calm and replenishing energy.



I love getting ready and starting my day with some soothing music. Hearing background music helps put me in a better mood while I’m getting ready. My favorite music to listen to is Bossa Nova, which is linked below through Spotify!


Easy breakfast hacks

I’ve never been able to eat breakfast right away in the morning! I’ve learned to either make some overnight oats (or other mason jar meal) the night before and take it to my first class to eat, or drink some bulletproof coffee! Drinking bulletproof coffee everyday might not be super nutritious, however for the days I forget to make a mason jar meal to take with me to class I definitely indulge in some bulletproof coffee. Arriving to class hangry is never a good way to start the day!


Wake up an hour before you leave the house

Typically, I never need an hour to get ready to go to class. However, waking up an hour before I walk out the house allows me time to sit around and relax. I love sitting around, enjoying a cup of coffee, and scrolling through my phone, without having to rush out the door. Allowing my mind to wake up without the stress of having to rush helps set the tone for the overall day ahead.