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Bewitched Fall Checklist!

Bewitched Fall Checklist!

Hello Fall! I’m so excited that my favorite season has finally started! From pumpkin everything to Halloween, everything about Fall warms my heart. Not into that pumpkin spice latte life? Check out the Bewitched Fall Checklist below to get your Fall groove on.


Bewitched Fall Checklist


Make a Crockpot Recipe, or two… or five!

Once Fall starts, everyone’s schedules become crazier and there’s no time for cooking healthy meals. I love using my crockpot for warm pumpkin chili or warming up some spiked apple cider! Check out my Pinterest board for some of my favorite recipes.


Diffuse Some Fall Essential Oils

Some of my favorite fall blends include; cinnamon, white fir, cardamom, orange, and nutmeg!

Apple Cider Diffuser Blend

4 Drops Thieves

2 Drops Orange

1 Drop Nutmeg


Donate Clothes to Your Local Shelter

Recently, I went through my clothes and donated about 3 trash bags full to my local shelter! With cold weather coming, many people are in need of warm clothes and can’t afford any. Getting rid of clothes that don’t fit or don’t suit your style anymore is also super cleansing! I feel so much better knowing those clothes will go to people who actually need them, rather than wasting away in the back of my closet. Let me know in the comments section below if you want me to do a post on how I went through my wardrobe!


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