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How I Cleanse Myself of Negativity

How I Cleanse Myself of Negativity

As Fall approaches, it’s easy to let yourself get stuck in the same old bad habits and turning to negative people for happiness. Personally, this Fall marks the beginning of my senior year of college which is bittersweet. I’ve been examining my own life and learning more about the types of people I want to share my time with. Take a moment to understand the different people connected to you in your own life and embrace the positive people lifting you up. Identify the negative people in your life and make sure to put an emotional or physical distance between you and them. Sometimes it’s hard to completely cut some people out of your life, no matter how negative they are, so here’s a few ways I cleanse myself of negativity and create my own positive space.


Ways to Cleanse Yourself of Negativity


Plan time for yourself at the end of each day

Watch your favorite tv show, put on your favorite music and throw on a face mask! No matter how long your day is, everyone needs time alone to escape the pressures of the outside world. Make yourself a priority!


Do a Tarot card spread

My cards always give me great insights into what path I should pursue in my life. Unsure about a person or situation? Maybe try a spread that will guide you and help give you a better understanding. ((Let me know in the comments section if you want me to do a post on my favorite tarot spreads))


Write in a journal

I’ve started writing in a journal every night and being able to list what I’m grateful for helps bring more positivity into my day. Even on my worst days where I feel drained and weighed down by negativity, I’m reminded of all the blessing in my life. Find a journal that has some prompts or list five things you’re grateful for in a notebook!


Burn Palo Santo wood or Sage

Known for their cleansing properties, palo santo wood and sage both help get rid of any negativity in a space. Both have been used for hundreds of years throughout many different cultures (click here to read more on the art of smudging). I personally love palo santo wood because of the smell that lingers after it’s been burnt. However, if you live in a dorm or somewhere you can’t burn sage or palo santo, try diffusing some balancing essential oils!