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How Tarot Cards Changed My Daily Routine

How Tarot Cards Changed My Daily Routine


Daily Draw

Daily draw readings are my favorite type of spread. Depending on the question you want answers to, there are a number of different types of spreads that specialize with each type of question. Here’s my version of a daily spread that I find very fun and inspiring if nothing more!

Shuffle your deck thinking about love and positivity! Place your deck somewhere in your room like a nightstand or dresser, preferably where no one will mess with it! Find one of your favorite items like a necklace, ring, coin, etc. Make sure your the only one to have worn that item or owned that item, and make sure it’s something you love (I use a moon necklace). Place that item on top of the deck to absorb positive energy in between readings. Every morning before you leave the house draw the first card and that will guide your day! Keep placing the old cards underneath the deck and draw a new card everyday!


I ended up really liking how these daily readings would start my day with an interesting twist. Even the negative cards reminded me of something, for example not to trust perfect strangers or make sure to not be prideful. Try it out and let me know in the comments section below how the daily readings went for you!


A Few Favorite Tarot Decks

For those that like more simple or minimalist decks, The Dark Exact Tarot Deck is perfect for you!


My sister’s favorite deck is called the Shaman Tarot Deck. If you’re looking for something a little more colorful and special, this deck is really beautifully designed!


If you’re a beginner, or are lazy like I am, the Quick & Easy Tarot Deck would be the best fit for you! I use this deck personally, and love that the meanings of each card no matter forwards or reversed are printed right on the cards! Using this type of deck would be ideal for your daily draw because you won’t need to look up the meanings of each card as a beginner!


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