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How to Deal with Mercury in Retrograde, Based on Your Zodiac Sign

How to Deal with Mercury in Retrograde, Based on Your Zodiac Sign

Sometimes it feels like Mercury is ALWAYS in retrograde! Nothing’s going right and you just want to curl up in bed and call in sick. Communication is key in the modern world we live in, and with Mercury ruling communication everything gets a little messed up. Find your zodiac sign below and check out my tips on how to navigate life the next time Mercury’s in retrograde! Let me know in the comment section what’s gone wrong for you during Mercury’s latest retrograde! As I’m writing this Mercury is currently in retrograde (Aug 13-Sept 5) and conveniently that’s when I have to go back to school!


Mercury in Retrograde, Based on Your Zodiac Sign



Take some time to yourself and plan a day of relaxation! During Mercury’s retrograde you will constantly feel like you’re pushing back against the world. Keep yourself in check with a day to reduce your stress, allowing yourself to take on any situation without any frustration.



Feeling like nothing is fair for you during Mercury’s retrograde? Here’s a quick pick-me-up for Librae! Spend a night in with your best friends and put on a romantic comedy!



Slow down Taurus! Feel like the world is moving too fast during Mercury’s retrograde? Remember to slow down and enjoy the little things in life. Go on a hike or take a yoga class!



Feeling stressed and overwhelmed? Take all that passionate energy and channel it into creativity! Sign up for a wine/painting class or find a creative activity to focus your intense motivation on!



Does life feel a little chaotic and unpredictable as Mercury enters retrograde for you? Plan a dinner with friends to chat and catch up with each other! I know you wanna vent, so grab your friends and toast to not letting Mercury’s retrograde keep you down!



Do you feel like you’ve been fighting with others or trying just to get your point across? You’re in need of a new book! Check Amazon and find something new and exciting to read! Find some time for yourself to dive into your new books and get cozy!



Are you constantly worried about others during Mercury’s retrograde and find yourself forgetting about YOU? Spend some time upgrading your room, reorganizing, and refreshing your space. Make your room a sanctuary and keep your space clear of clutter to help focus on yourself in a positive way.



Nothings going right when Mercury’s in retrograde for you, and things aren’t going like you planned. Find a really delicious recipe online, buy all the ingredients, and make it! Invite over your significant other or best friend, and enjoy your home cooked meal together!


Do you feel swept up in all the drama going on during Mercury’s retrograde? Go out and see a movie in theaters with a family member or best friend! Watching a movie in theaters will let all that drama melt away and keep your mind on something more entertaining in a positive way.



Feel like you have too much on your plate Aquarius? Take a day to map everything out on a planner or calendar while sipping your favorite beverage (hot tea, wine, etc). Keep calm and take control of your upcoming schedule, while being cozy!



Are you overwhelming yourself with your need for everything to be in place? Take a break from all that and sign up for a new fitness class! Ask a friend to join you and get a smoothie or juice afterwards!



Feel emotionally exhausted during Mercury’s retrograde? Go on a walk or get coffee with your best friend to vent! Make sure to warn them ahead of time that a venting sesh will be happening! You’ll feel better getting it all out with your best friend there to help you sort things out!