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I’m bringing the Clarisonic back!

I’m bringing the Clarisonic back!

Skincare is my NUMBER ONE obsession. I’m always testing new products (Korres Greek Yogurt Cleanser shown in the picture is being tested currently!), reading product reviews, and browsing to see what new products are on the market. However, no matter what havoc I wreak on my skincare routine I’ve always come back to my Clarisonic. Of course, I HAD to add my cute witchy stickers for aesthetic purposes 😉 . Unfortunately, this isn’t a sponsored post by Clarisonic, even if I wish it was!


I have some Clarisonic hacks up my sleeve that will convert anyone!


Clarisonic Hacks


Use the Cashmere Cleanse Luxe Brush Head for a deep but gentle clean.

No matter your skin type or cleanser, I find that the Cashmere Cleanse brush head is super gentle! People tend not to like their Clarisonic because it’s too harsh on their skin, but with this brush head I always have the perfect amount of gentle cleansing. The next option would be to opt for the Sensitive or Delicate brush head, but the Cashmere Cleanse brush head is my ultimate favorite!


Don’t overspend on brush heads by buying them every 3 months.

Spending $30 every 3 months on brush heads for sanitary reasons is SUPER ridiculous in my opinion. Although if your brush looks like it’s frayed, then maybe it’s time for a new one. I use isopropyl alcohol, from CVS, to cleanse my brush head every couple of days in order to sanitize it and keep it in perfect shape. Just place your brush head bristles down in a shallow bowl filled with isopropyl alcohol for about 30 minutes, making sure the bristles are fully submerged. Rinse with warm water and dry the brush head and you’re good to go!


Use the Clarisonic every couple of days, not everyday.

Exfoliating too much is the main problem people face with a Clarisonic, even with the Cashmere Luxe brush head. Typically, I use it every 2-3 days and seem to notice a difference in my skin. My products absorb better because of the deep exfoliation and I have no dry patches or flakiness.


Not down for that price tag? Here are some ideas!

Pretty much all Clarisonics take the same brush head, which is fantastic! The newest model, the Mia Fit is adorable but super pricey! One of my favorite websites/apps Poshmark has resale items like Clarisonics for half the original price! I’ve seen Clarisonics for as low as $30! Buying a new brush head is always smart for sanitary reasons, but if the resale device is cheap and not broken then why not!