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Insta-worthy Wire Wall Grids & New Spooky Room Decor

Insta-worthy Wire Wall Grids & New Spooky Room Decor

I’m always checking instagram for new room decor ideas and fun projects to do. That’s when I saw these amazing wire wall grids from Urban Outfitters for $50! I created my own wire wall grids for a fraction of the price, and I can now interchange my wall art without dealing with messy tape or nails in the wall! Purchase these wall grids from Amazon for $14 each!

Adding unique artwork or seasonal decor to your walls is super easy! Search the dollar section of target for cute mini clothespins to hang up your favorite pictures or art. Of course, I always have to add my own spooky touch to my room decor so I searched Pinterest for cool halloween inspired gallery wall prints.

Spooky Room Decor Ideas

Life Hack: Buy paint in your favorite aesthetic colors in order to update some old decor and make it fresh and new!

I purchased some black and blush paint from Michael’s Craft Store and decided to search my garage for old items I could turn into expensive looking room decor items! During my garage exploration I came across an old bird cage that I turned into a cool spooky candle holder with some black paint!

The second item I found while searching the garage was a small silver tray from the dollar tree! Stacking my favorite coffee table books underneath the tray, I created another cute candle display!

Comment your favorite home decor hacks below, and let me know if you’d like to see more spooky decor ideas!