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Interview with Fitness Guru Nikki Magnuson!

Interview with Fitness Guru Nikki Magnuson!

Nikki Magnuson is a college student turning her love of health and fitness into a business venture! Nikki runs an online wellness community of people working towards different goals. Learn more about Nikki’s business, her own personal path to wellness, and feel free to contact her at nikkimagsfitness@gmail.com



How did you get into health and wellness?

Nikki: My second semester of freshman year of college I joined a brand new organization at my University called CHAARG, [Changing Healthy Attitudes + Recreating Girls]. Before becoming a member, I didn’t even know [or cared to know, rather] where my school’s recreational facility was [even though it was right across the street from my dorm, at the time]. I just didn’t feel the desire to keep track of my health + wellness or the need to take time out of my “busy” schedule to workout if I didn’t need to. However, I’m so thankful my roommate asked me to go to one of their meetings with her because not only has CHAARG created an environment where working out is more than spending 30 minutes on an elliptical, it has given me the opportunity to explore all of the different fitness studios around Chicago and has allowed me to build relationships within my Chapter that I know will last forever.


What’re some of your favorite fitness classes?

Nikki: Going off of my last response, some of my favorite fitness classes I have ventured out to discover would be Soul Cycle, Ariel Silks [AIR], Hot yoga at Core Power, Barry’s Bootcamp, POUND, and the most fascinating that I have recently discovered would be pole dancing ;).


How do you stay on track with healthy eating and maintaining a healthy diet?

Nikki: I think the most difficult thing when it comes to maintaining a happy + healthy lifestyle would definitely be holding yourself accountable + trying not to give in to temptations when it comes to eating what is “convenient” or what your sweet tooth cries out for. HOWEVER, what I do to stay on track is to simply plan out my meals in advance, write down exactly what I need for when I need to make a trip to the grocery store [lists are everything] ++ every once in awhile if I truly strive to work hard enough, you better believe I still treat myself! I’m not currently on any diets, and I don’t count my caloric intake, but when it comes to deciding whether I want a chocolate milkshake, or a strawberry smoothie, I usually pick the healthy alternatives. 😉




What’re some of your favorite wellness hacks (essential oils, yoga, meditation, etc?)

Nikki: I recently made “reading time” a daily essential because before, I never allowed myself time to do so, mostly because I would use that time scrolling through Facebook, or checking up on Instagram. I try to read for at least 30 minutes a day, but sometimes it ends up being an hour because I get wrapped up in the story. I also set a goal in advance to read three books over the summer for three months, which helps me stay accountable and not let everything else that’s going on in my life to get in the way. Reading to me is a time for my mind to just get away and dive into the story of whatever the pages are allowing me to read. Instead of having FOMO on what’s going on in everybody else’s lives on social media, I have FOMO for what’s going on in each character’s life, lol.


How do you keep yourself grounded and less stressed?

Nikki: I think the greatest commonality you can find when talking to someone is when you compare how “stressed” or “busy” each of our lives occur to be. I used to think I would beat everybody on the “stress level” because I am involved in 4 organizations, 3 of which I’m on the executive board, I work, am a full-time student, do research on the side, volunteer, and am currently applying to nursing school. HOWEVER, I keep myself grounded because a.) I made the decision to become an actively involved student on my campus and community member + b.) I learned to put these things in perspective. When I lay it all out on the table, it looks intimidating + overwhelming, but I learned to rise + grind and to make the most of my time each day I’m given the opportunity. Albeit, sometimes life catches up to me and sometimes I do get stressed out [because I’m human] but if I can utilize one important aspect life has taught me, it would be time management. Not to mention having an “aesthetic” of candles + succulents helps a lot when it physically looks like I live such a “therapeutic” life, even if that may not always be case.



Tell me a little bit about your new business venture?

Nikki: I recently dove into the business side of the fitness realm and became my own personal #GirlBoss. I started up my own business of being a health and fitness coach for those who want to drive along the path of success while becoming the happiest and healthiest version of themselves! What I love the most about my job [along many other things] is that I literally wake up every single day and get a brand new opportunity to talk to so many new people that walk into my life who want to better themselves physically, mentally, emotionally, and/or spiritually. The best part about the programs and meal plans I set my potential customers/teammates up with is that there is no crazy equipment necessary, you don’t need a separate gym membership, AND you can do everything in the comfort of your own home or literally anywhere you decide to go. All I need for those who are willing to join me is 30 minutes of your day. I commit my customers to highly researched and recommended fitness routines, superfood nutrition, proper portions, and a supportive network. As long as they can give me the commitment, I can GET them results. ( :


Do you have any advice for others that want to start their own business?

Nikki: If you happen to stumble upon this and have had hesitations on starting your own business or even going after your dreams, however extreme, I say chase after it. Go the distance and climb that mountain. My biggest regret thus far has been waiting for my life to change. I knew I’ve always wanted to somehow stir up the consistency of my current life and do so while helping others, but I just waited for that opportunity to come knocking on my door. And you know what? It never did. I had to be the one to ring the door bell and wait to see what I would experience on the other side. I was fearful, terrified, and not even sure what, when, how, and why I wanted to do what my mind was so set on accomplishing, but at the end of the day, I decided to chase after my dreams instead of running from my fears. It only took me a matter of days to get to where I desired to be and I am still continuing to grow. I’m so thankful to have such supportive friends and family that believe in me, and the most important thing to keep in mind while developing a grand project such as this, is to simply have faith and believe in yourself.

Personal Style

How do you describe your personal style?

Nikki: As of right now, I would say that I try to live a very simple lifestyle. I’ve learned to appreciate more of the little things in life and become less materialistic. I don’t wear that much makeup to begin with, unless I go out + I stopped straightening my hair due to the fact that I really want it to grow out, and I try to workout everyday, so I either end up pulling it up in a pony/messy bun, or sweat the straight away anyway. 😉


Do you have any interesting or unique facts about yourself?

Nikki: My favorite flowers are tulips. I am a HUGE Bachelor/Bachelorette junkie. I have never seen a real-life hedgehog but if you were to put one in front of me my heart would probably implode of pure joy. I love board games. I can literally eat Chinese take-out for days on end and that alone would make me the happiest girl in the world. I sing soprano in a Gospel choir, and if I could travel and spend time anywhere in the world it would be in New Orleans, Louisiana.


Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/nikki.magnuson

Instagram: @nikkimagnuson_inchaarg

Email: nikkimagsfitness@gmail.com