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Interview with YouTuber BiohazardousBeauty!

Interview with YouTuber BiohazardousBeauty!

I recently interviewed Victoria–aka BiohazardousBeauty on YouTube–via email about makeup, fitness, her personal style, and more! Check out the interview below and don’t forget to check out her YouTube channel for some spooky inspiration!


How did you first start getting into makeup?

Victoria: Originally, I was an art student! I had started wearing makeup around the age of 12, but wasn’t seriously into it, nor did I really care how it looked, until I was about 18. At that point I just kind of took my creative skills I had always applied to my art, and started applying it to my makeup!

What’re some of your favorite indie brands for makeup or skincare?

Victoria: The first indie brand I ever came into contact with (before I even knew what an indie brand was) was Concrete Minerals. I fell in love with their unique colors and names! Now that I’ve explored indie brands much more thoroughly, some of my favorites are still Concrete Minerals, Sugarpill, My Pretty Zombie, and probably Black Moon Cosmetics if I had to cut it down to only four! There are so many amazing brands out there that all offer their own unique twist on beauty.

What is your current skincare routine?

Victoria: A mess. Lol. But really I am currently trying to use up a bunch of skincare and makeup samples that I have, so I’m not using any one product regularly. I usually use at least a makeup remover, a skin cleanser, a toner, and a moisturizer. A face mask about twice a week (at least I try to aim for twice a week haha) and if my skin is really dry, which it usually is, a facial oil as well!

It’s really cool that you review different subscription boxes every month! Have you found a specific one that has consistently had great items?

Victoria: I really love reviewing subscription boxes! There’s something about being surprised every month with little makeup and skincare samples that’s just so fun for me. As of late, the Sephora Play box has really been impressing me. I enjoy that I get to try popular products from brands I already know and love, and knowing they can all be found at Sephora! 


A while back you posted a video on your fitness/health journey. Has anything changed or is there anything you’ve added to help you stay fit?

Victoria: Haha I am still on my journey! Now that I have completed my original goal, which was to lose weight, I have been focusing on toning and building muscle! I’ve gotten really into lifting weights lately, which is something I NEVER thought I would enjoy! My overall focus has shifted from losing weight, to now maintaining and getting stronger, and that’s a great feeling! 


Why did you decide to use Youtube as your main platform?

Victoria: I had been using other websites to post my makeup photos for a long time, and sooo many people asked me if/when I would have a YouTube channel. It was something I never considered, until people asked me to do it. I wasn’t sold on the idea, but initially I was able to crowdfund enough money to purchase a decent enough camera to get started. I was amazed that so many people wanted to see me on YouTube and were actually supporting me already! I guess it wasn’t really my choice, it just kind of happened that way! 

How do you come up with ideas for videos?

Victoria: I get a ton of ideas from my subscribers. I’m always asking people what they want to see on my channel. I love getting feedback, and I love being able to provide the content the people who support me truly want to see! As for my tutorials and makeup looks, honestly a lot of them are done completely on the fly. Most times I will wake up with an idea for a look in my head, and get in front of the camera and hope it turns out the way I picture it!


Besides makeup, do you have any other creative outlets or hobbies you enjoy? 

Victoria: Way before my YouTube days, I was really into jewelry making. I collect bones I typically find in the woods in my area, and I started making them into jewelry! I actually had a pretty nice sized Etsy shop going for a while with it! While my Etsy shop no longer exists, I do still enjoy making jewelry, and sometimes I will sell it on sites like Instagram or Depop! 

How would you describe your personal style?

Victoria: If I had to choose just a single word, it would probably be Spooky. But truthfully, my style is just however I feel like looking that day! I never try to fit myself into one particular mold or subculture. If someones calls me ‘goth’ for instance, I’m not gonna say they’re wrong. It’s pretty much up for interpretation, but essentially, I’m just me. 

When did you start developing your own style, and how did you get into the spooky/dark aesthetic?

Victoria: My earliest memories of basically evolving into who I am today involve discovering Marilyn Manson at the age of maybe 14? Soon enough I would shop exclusively at Hot Topic and begin dying my hair all sorts of crazy colors. After that I just got further into the scene and was finally dressing the way I wanted to. I loved the more alternative style and I finally felt comfortable in my clothes and felt like myself.

Miscellaneous Questions

Candles or wax warmers? What’re some of your favorite scents? 

Victoria: Candles!! Only because I like fire haha. My favorite candle of all time is Cinnamon Sugared Donut from Bath and Body Works, but I love any type of bakery/sweet/sugary scent! 

If you could only choose one makeup item to wear, what would it be?

Victoria: This is probably cheating, but I’d choose a liquid lipstick because I could wear it as lipstick, eyeliner, eyebrows, and basically whatever else I wanted! ;D