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Spooky Box Club “Sweet Nightmares” Review

Spooky Box Club “Sweet Nightmares” Review

Box subscriptions are really having a moment these days. No matter what your interests are, there’s a box subscription for you! I’ve come across wine subscription boxes, crystal subscription boxes, and even underwear subscription boxes!


While watching YouTube videos one day I came across Spooky Box Club and fell in love! Immediately I subscribed and couldn’t wait to receive my first box! Under the “About” section of Spooky Box Club’s website they state, “Spooky Box Club make, design and sell an exciting range of exclusive alternative lifestyle goods with an emphasis on cute, witchy, gothic, interests and styles”. October is typically the only time I can find spooky home decor, so I love that this box subscription features spooky items the entire year long!


I’ll be doing monthly reviews of Spooky Box Club so make sure to subscribe to the newsletter on the right. Each month features a different theme with different products as well as a few standard products, like charms and lollipops, that are unique to the theme. July’s theme is Sweet Nightmares and features 2 Dead Tired pillow cases, a sleeping mask, tea, a charm, a lollipop, a necklace, and two pins!

Sweet Nightmares Box Review

My favorite part of this month’s box is the 2 Dead Tired pillow cases (only 1 is featured in the picture). The material is super soft and machine washing directions came in the box as well. The pattern is super cool and unique and I’ll definitely be displaying them on my bed for an added spooky touch to my room!


The necklace included in the box has stars and moons on it, which follows the Sweet Nightmares theme. I always need more jewelry and this necklace is the perfect simple piece to wear everyday! The charm in the box is a moon, and like I mentioned before Spooky Box Club includes a charm in the boxes as a recurring item. The next item featured in the box this month is some Sleepy Time Tea, which is 100% chamomile blossoms. The tin is super cute, and follows the theme perfectly!


The Luxury Sleeping Mask is very soft and is perfect for keeping every trace of light out for a good night’s sleep! I travel for college quite often so this sleeping mask is also perfect for plane naps! The lollipop featured this month is a really cool blue swirl, which is another recurring item in addition to the charm! I might collect the lollipops and display them in a cool apothecary jar as decoration. Two pins are also included in the Sweet Nightmares box! One says “No Sleep” and has a bed with spooky ghosts around it, and the other pin says “Nightmare Fuel” and has a spooky looking hand! I can’t wait to put these pins on my jean jacket!


Overall, I’m super pleased with this month’s Sweet Nightmares box and I’m looking forward to the next month’s box! Again, make sure to subscribe to the newsletter for updates on new blog posts and possible giveaways! Thank you for reading and make sure to check out Spooky Box Club!