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Spring Beauty Favorites 2017

Spring Beauty Favorites 2017

As spring comes to a close and summer begins I’ve picked a few of my favorite beauty related products to share! I’m always trying new things so make sure to tell me your favorite beauty, decor, fitness, or health related items in the comment section below!

Beauty Favorites


The NYX Away We Glow Liquid Highlighter was such a good makeup find for spring! The shade “State of Flux” is perfect for my pale skin tone after the winter months. I like applying this product underneath foundation or BB cream to add some glow to my skin.


Another product I’ve been loving, and I’ve gone through two bottles already, is the Klorane Dry Shampoo! Typically I try to use dry shampoo when my scalp gets oily, instead of washing my hair everyday and drying it out. I got a sample of this dry shampoo in a beauty subscription box one time and I’ve been hooked since. When the weather is starting to get more humid in spring, I tend to use dry shampoo more than usual. I love the fresh scent on Klorane’s and it’s also plant based which makes me a big fan. 


Pacifica’s Cactus Micellar Water has become one of my favorite makeup removers. Besides the fact that I’m obsessed with cactus, the formula has no residue after application. When I travel back and fourth between Los Angeles and Chicago I pick up the micellar water in a wipe form so it doesn’t spill in my luggage. Whenever I’m too tired to fully wash my face after a long day I use a giant cotton pad and pour some of the micellar water on it and take all my makeup off and get in bed, no need to rinse after use!


My favorite date night perfume has been the Elizabeth and James Nirvana Black PerfumeThe perfume has a smoky yet feminine smell to it, which I personally think matches my personal style well. The bottle also looks amazing with my spooky decor, and that might have been the first reason I fell in love with it 😉 


The Shea Moisture African Water Mint & Ginger Detox & Refresh Scalp Elixir is a life-saving product after the cold, dry winter months! My scalp and hair was so irritated from the cold that I looked for something to help with the dryness, but also a product that was more natural than a salon treatment. I’ve been loving the scalp elixir so far! I typically spray it all over my scalp and massage it in, then put my hair in a bun for 30 minutes and then shower. The product is oil based so it really helps moisturize and refresh with the ginger and mint.


The final product I’d like to mention I completely found completely by accident! The Eve Lom Rescue Mask really intrigued me because I heard so much about the brand that I wanted to try it out for myself. I can say honestly that I finally found a mask that actually does something. Doing face masks are great after a long and stressful day or with friends for a girl’s night in, but typically masks don’t make a difference in my skincare routine. I had so many breakouts from the stress of finals that I decided to try this mask out to relax. With the same usual skincare routine, the next day I noticed my breakouts were all either smaller or completely gone! Now I’ve been using this mask as spot treatments or in areas where I have a lot of redness because I want this magical potion to last me forever!