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The Summer Solstice Checklist

The Summer Solstice Checklist

Yesterday, June 20, kicked off summer with a magical summer solstice. During the longest day of the year, I thought about how to recharge and set my intentions for the upcoming year. Below I’ve noted some ways that I’m going to manifest positive energy in the next year starting with the summer solstice…

Summer Solstice Checklist


Reflect on last summer

  • Think about how much you’ve accomplished since the last summer. How much has changed for the better, or worse?

Surround yourself with positive people

  • The influence of others around you will dictate how your summer will turn out. Positive influences are needed to recharge this summer.

Create a list of activities you want to accomplish this summer

  • Rather than a to-do list, create a list of events you’re looking forward too. If you happen to not have anything on that list, make some plans and create fun events! You can mold your summer into whatever you want it to be!

Maintain positive habits that will stay with you for the next year

  • Start positive habits now, in order to keep them for the next year! I’m trying to start drinking more water daily, and do yoga twice a week!


I’m really excited to relax this summer and prepare for the next year. Taking on a challenging course load for my senior year of college means I need to keep calm this summer and prepare for what’s ahead! Let me know what you’re planning to do this summer, or if you have any summer traditions that keep you motivated and recharged!