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How I Cleanse Myself of Negativity

How I Cleanse Myself of Negativity

As Fall approaches, it’s easy to let yourself get stuck in the same old bad habits and turning to negative people for happiness. Personally, this Fall marks the beginning of my senior year of college which is bittersweet. I’ve been examining my own life and […]

Bewitched Fall Checklist!

Bewitched Fall Checklist!

Hello Fall! I’m so excited that my favorite season has finally started! From pumpkin everything to Halloween, everything about Fall warms my heart. Not into that pumpkin spice latte life? Check out the Bewitched Fall Checklist below to get your Fall groove on.   Bewitched […]

How to Deal with Mercury in Retrograde, Based on Your Zodiac Sign

How to Deal with Mercury in Retrograde, Based on Your Zodiac Sign

Sometimes it feels like Mercury is ALWAYS in retrograde! Nothing’s going right and you just want to curl up in bed and call in sick. Communication is key in the modern world we live in, and with Mercury ruling communication everything gets a little messed up. Find your zodiac sign below and check out my tips on how to navigate life the next time Mercury’s in retrograde! Let me know in the comment section what’s gone wrong for you during Mercury’s latest retrograde! As I’m writing this Mercury is currently in retrograde (Aug 13-Sept 5) and conveniently that’s when I have to go back to school!


Mercury in Retrograde, Based on Your Zodiac Sign



Take some time to yourself and plan a day of relaxation! During Mercury’s retrograde you will constantly feel like you’re pushing back against the world. Keep yourself in check with a day to reduce your stress, allowing yourself to take on any situation without any frustration.



Feeling like nothing is fair for you during Mercury’s retrograde? Here’s a quick pick-me-up for Librae! Spend a night in with your best friends and put on a romantic comedy!



Slow down Taurus! Feel like the world is moving too fast during Mercury’s retrograde? Remember to slow down and enjoy the little things in life. Go on a hike or take a yoga class!



Feeling stressed and overwhelmed? Take all that passionate energy and channel it into creativity! Sign up for a wine/painting class or find a creative activity to focus your intense motivation on!



Does life feel a little chaotic and unpredictable as Mercury enters retrograde for you? Plan a dinner with friends to chat and catch up with each other! I know you wanna vent, so grab your friends and toast to not letting Mercury’s retrograde keep you down!



Do you feel like you’ve been fighting with others or trying just to get your point across? You’re in need of a new book! Check Amazon and find something new and exciting to read! Find some time for yourself to dive into your new books and get cozy!



Are you constantly worried about others during Mercury’s retrograde and find yourself forgetting about YOU? Spend some time upgrading your room, reorganizing, and refreshing your space. Make your room a sanctuary and keep your space clear of clutter to help focus on yourself in a positive way.



Nothings going right when Mercury’s in retrograde for you, and things aren’t going like you planned. Find a really delicious recipe online, buy all the ingredients, and make it! Invite over your significant other or best friend, and enjoy your home cooked meal together!


Do you feel swept up in all the drama going on during Mercury’s retrograde? Go out and see a movie in theaters with a family member or best friend! Watching a movie in theaters will let all that drama melt away and keep your mind on something more entertaining in a positive way.



Feel like you have too much on your plate Aquarius? Take a day to map everything out on a planner or calendar while sipping your favorite beverage (hot tea, wine, etc). Keep calm and take control of your upcoming schedule, while being cozy!



Are you overwhelming yourself with your need for everything to be in place? Take a break from all that and sign up for a new fitness class! Ask a friend to join you and get a smoothie or juice afterwards!



Feel emotionally exhausted during Mercury’s retrograde? Go on a walk or get coffee with your best friend to vent! Make sure to warn them ahead of time that a venting sesh will be happening! You’ll feel better getting it all out with your best friend there to help you sort things out!

My Secret Weapon for Detox & Digestion

My Secret Weapon for Detox & Digestion

With summer coming to an end and fall approaching quickly I wanted to share my favorite detox hack. I know it sounds too obvious to be true, but it totally works, trust me!   Here it is: hot water and lemon.   Sometimes for an […]

What’s in my travel skincare bag?

What’s in my travel skincare bag?

Traveling has brought me so many amazing experiences, and I’ve been so blessed to experience different cultures with my family. However, packing has always been my pet peeve and I’m still getting the hang of it! Packing clothes will never be my strength, but when […]

I’m bringing the Clarisonic back!

I’m bringing the Clarisonic back!

Skincare is my NUMBER ONE obsession. I’m always testing new products (Korres Greek Yogurt Cleanser shown in the picture is being tested currently!), reading product reviews, and browsing to see what new products are on the market. However, no matter what havoc I wreak on my skincare routine I’ve always come back to my Clarisonic. Of course, I HAD to add my cute witchy stickers for aesthetic purposes 😉 . Unfortunately, this isn’t a sponsored post by Clarisonic, even if I wish it was!


I have some Clarisonic hacks up my sleeve that will convert anyone!


Clarisonic Hacks


Use the Cashmere Cleanse Luxe Brush Head for a deep but gentle clean.

No matter your skin type or cleanser, I find that the Cashmere Cleanse brush head is super gentle! People tend not to like their Clarisonic because it’s too harsh on their skin, but with this brush head I always have the perfect amount of gentle cleansing. The next option would be to opt for the Sensitive or Delicate brush head, but the Cashmere Cleanse brush head is my ultimate favorite!


Don’t overspend on brush heads by buying them every 3 months.

Spending $30 every 3 months on brush heads for sanitary reasons is SUPER ridiculous in my opinion. Although if your brush looks like it’s frayed, then maybe it’s time for a new one. I use isopropyl alcohol, from CVS, to cleanse my brush head every couple of days in order to sanitize it and keep it in perfect shape. Just place your brush head bristles down in a shallow bowl filled with isopropyl alcohol for about 30 minutes, making sure the bristles are fully submerged. Rinse with warm water and dry the brush head and you’re good to go!


Use the Clarisonic every couple of days, not everyday.

Exfoliating too much is the main problem people face with a Clarisonic, even with the Cashmere Luxe brush head. Typically, I use it every 2-3 days and seem to notice a difference in my skin. My products absorb better because of the deep exfoliation and I have no dry patches or flakiness.


Not down for that price tag? Here are some ideas!

Pretty much all Clarisonics take the same brush head, which is fantastic! The newest model, the Mia Fit is adorable but super pricey! One of my favorite websites/apps Poshmark has resale items like Clarisonics for half the original price! I’ve seen Clarisonics for as low as $30! Buying a new brush head is always smart for sanitary reasons, but if the resale device is cheap and not broken then why not!

Witchy Chic Amazon Purchases!

Witchy Chic Amazon Purchases!

I still don’t know how to feel about Prime Day, but Amazon is still easily one of my favorite websites for everything under the moon. Amazon HAS to be plotting world domination by now, but let’s take advantage of it while we can so here […]

Essential Oils Blends for the Modern Witch

Essential Oils Blends for the Modern Witch

Essential oils have become very popular recently, however they’ve been around for nearly 5,000 years! Using the medicinal purposes in their practice, ancient Egyptian healers were one of the first people to recognize the importance of essential oils. A spooky fact that’s really sparked my […]

The Summer Solstice Checklist

The Summer Solstice Checklist

Yesterday, June 20, kicked off summer with a magical summer solstice. During the longest day of the year, I thought about how to recharge and set my intentions for the upcoming year. Below I’ve noted some ways that I’m going to manifest positive energy in the next year starting with the summer solstice…

Summer Solstice Checklist


Reflect on last summer

  • Think about how much you’ve accomplished since the last summer. How much has changed for the better, or worse?

Surround yourself with positive people

  • The influence of others around you will dictate how your summer will turn out. Positive influences are needed to recharge this summer.

Create a list of activities you want to accomplish this summer

  • Rather than a to-do list, create a list of events you’re looking forward too. If you happen to not have anything on that list, make some plans and create fun events! You can mold your summer into whatever you want it to be!

Maintain positive habits that will stay with you for the next year

  • Start positive habits now, in order to keep them for the next year! I’m trying to start drinking more water daily, and do yoga twice a week!


I’m really excited to relax this summer and prepare for the next year. Taking on a challenging course load for my senior year of college means I need to keep calm this summer and prepare for what’s ahead! Let me know what you’re planning to do this summer, or if you have any summer traditions that keep you motivated and recharged!

Mini Guide to the Power of Essential Oils

Mini Guide to the Power of Essential Oils

One of my favorite parts of my daily routine is diffusing essential oils. At first, I was so confused about how they actually work and just imagined them being a replacement for candles. But, in my opinion, aromatherapy is so real and relaxes/motivates/de-stresses me! Here are […]