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What does your birthstone say about you?

What does your birthstone say about you?

Photo: Little Moon Crystal Co.


Zodiacs, horoscopes, crystals. Some believe the day and year you were born manifests certain characteristics in a person. Birthstones are one of my favorite mystical symbols that have been used for centuries. Using crystals for protection, wealth, and other purposes has become extremely common, however I feel like birthstones have slowly drifted away from popular culture.


Learn more about your birthstone below and think about how it resonates with your personality. Let me know in the comments section if your birthstone fits your personality well! Either taken seriously or lightly, birthstones are fun and can be a unique conversation starter if nothing more!


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Photo: Little Moon Crystal Co.



January – Garnet

Garnets traditionally have a very powerful presence and are often used to help keep travelers safe! Wearing a garnet can also provide a positive energy source. People with this birthstone tend to be very organized and resourceful. If you need a decision made quickly, garnets are the best people for the task.


February – Amethyst

Amethyst can help form loving relationships and prevent toxicity. Calmness can also be found while wearing an amethyst, and they’re often placed around a home for serenity. If your born in February, you most likely are very calm and peaceful.


March – Aquamarine

Aquamarine is seen as very youthful and often linked to the ocean. Creativity and focus are often characteristics of aquamarine. People with this birthstone hold honestly to the highest caliber and will always be honest with you no matter what. Like the ocean, they are strong and clear.


April – Diamond

Diamonds are the ultimate symbol of everlasting prosperity. Often associated with purity, diamonds provide courage and today are a classic representation of love. People born in the month of diamonds are very resilient and can withstand anything. They love deeply and form strong relationships with others.


May – Emerald

Fertility and beauty are characteristics of emeralds. Wearing an emerald can bring great wisdom in difficult times. People with this birthstone are often very good at bringing people together. Many people born in May love hosting gatherings and being amongst friends and family.


June – Pearl

Like the diamond, peals are another symbol of purity. Peals tend to exude serenity and can even bring fourth positive relationships with loved ones. People associated with pearls love nature and are very fond of being outdoors.


July – Ruby

Rubies have always been a symbol of nobility and honor. Warding off evil, bringing success, and a harmonious life are the main characteristics of rubies. People born in July are very fearless and come off super confident to most people.


August – Peridot

Peridots are often used to protect from enchantments. Endurance and strength are two main attributes of peridots. People with this birthstone are very kind and love to be around people. Talking to new people and turning strangers into friends are these people’s highlighting quality.


September – Sapphire

Sapphires are symbols of faith and loyalty. Poisonous thoughts and people can be combatted with sapphires. People born in September are very powerful people and are often very good at leadership roles.


October – Opal

Confidence and creativity are associated with opals. People with this birthstone are quiet, but very creative when they’re alone. Often seen as shy, these people tend to be introverts because they prefer the comfort of their own creative space.


November – Topaz

Topaz has characteristics of love and peace. Wearing topaz can increase healing for any ailment of the mind of body. People associated with topaz are great with money and try to keep their finances in check often. If your born during November, you tend to have good luck and a positive attitude.


December – Turquoise

Traditionally turquoise was used to bring good fortune. People with this birthstone are seen as old souls and can be very slow decision makers. Traditionally, people associated with turquoise are very compassionate.