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Witchy Chic Brands That You’ll Love!

Witchy Chic Brands That You’ll Love!

Unique brands are easier to find now that instagram, etsy, and amazon has made it easier for people to shop online. Finding more brands that cater to the more spooky side of style has really helped me develop my own personal style better! Here’s a list of my favorite witchy chic and spooky brands that you’ll find spellbinding 😉


Burke & Hare Co

Beautifully designed pillar candles makes this store one of my favorites for candles! With scents like Nevermore, Cemetery Gates, and Burned at the Stake this brand has made a name for itself with unique fragrances.


Ember Candle Co

Large skull candles (in black and pastel colors), miniature skull wax melts, a skeleton hand jewelry tidy, and more! I love anything that has to do with skulls or skeletons, and if you do too then this brand is perfect!


Laughing Crow Candle Co

If you’re a horror movie buff then check out this company! Candles like Here’s Johnny and Never Sleep Again are some of this brand’s most unique scents.


Bath and Body

Witch Baby Soap

If you want spooky bath bombs and beautifully crafted soaps look no further! Products like Bless Your Black Heart Bath Bomb and Death Tarot Soap makes this brand an essential part of anyone’s spooky spa night!


Ghoulish Delights Bath

I’m a fan of American Horror Story’s Coven Season and Ghoulish Delights Bath is too! The new Coven Collection is launching soon and includes products like Supreme Cream, Breakfast With Witches, and Misty Days Magic Mud.



Rouge and Rogue

Perfect for cruelty free lashes, Rouge and Rogue (formerly Black Magic Lashes) has started to expand their company beyond their amazing lashes! I’m really excited to see what other types of products they come out with, especially since I’m an avid fan of their faux mink lashes!


Haute Macabre

Beautifully spooky fragrances like their signature Haute Macabre comes in both hair gloss and perfume. Not only does this brand make cool fragrances but they also have an amazing blog dedicated to all things witchy! If you don’t know which fragrance to choose, they offer sampler sets of their fragrances available for purchase, spooky and smart!


Black Moon Cosmetics

Black Moon Cosmetics is a cruelty free brand that has the most exquisite lipsticks! They’ve had nothing but amazing reviews of their liquid lipsticks all over YouTube and definitely have the most unique shades named Bones, Luna, Myth, and many more.


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